Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Something that is good to know

I know that many of you are pet lovers so I decided to share this with you.

As many of you already know, we lost one of our dogs last week but this post is not about that... This post is about the service not many know about. During last several days I have heard many times a comment like "I did not know that" or "nice that your vet came to your house". Not many know about in-home euthanasia. I found out about the service from a friend of mine who lost her dog last year to kidney failure. I called the place and people there were very professional, kind and caring. Since we live in the townhouse, I needed to find a pet cemetery. There is PA State Pet Memorial and Cemetery here in the area. There are a lot of Police dogs buried there. The cemetery is open to privately owned pets, too.

The cemetery worker came with the vet to do a pick up/transportation and cremation. Our doggy's cremains will be placed in the Memorial column and a nameplate will be placed on the front of that column.

If any of you have an aging pet, it would be my recommendation to look into similar services in your area. I liked that it was private and affordable.

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