Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Shortest Blog Post Ever!

Well, this is my official announcement:
We are not naughty twins, we are not twins at all. No split personalities here either. One Inessa with two Etsy shops.  WooHooo!

Cocoon made for baby Bella May
Shield Style Necklace


P.S. Do not tell Galla but that is all her fault. She said "open a second shop". See what a confusion!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My 5 cents on Latest Changes.

Today I decided to put my 5 cents in about the newest changes in PFT (Promo Frenzy Team). I read treads and noticed that some of us jumped the guns. Could I ask you, please hold your horses?! 

It appears that some of the members expressed their concerns in two areas:
1.      Blog (min. requirement is to keep the list of shops current)
2.      Joining treasury teams (that have no requirements) 

1. I do have a blog page but …as you may know, I hardly blog. I just have no time to blog on the regular basis (in addition to my personal situation, I need much more time to put a post because of my English). In accordance with the newest changes, each of us got to have a blog page and at a minimum got to maintain the shop list. You are not obligated to blog, JUST TO MAINTAIN THE LIST. Here, I am guilty; I neglected to do that but will update the list because it is important to have those back links. If I commit 30 min a week, I can do it. Think about it… maybe YOU could do it, too.

2. Treasuries… In the past, I made one treasury a month. I really wanted to make more. I jointed TPT, PUNKS and C&C prior to all the latest announcements.  Those teams have no requirements rather than click and comment on 10 or 15 treasuries posted before yours. One round takes me 10 to 15 minutes. My problem is time of the day I am available to release a treasury. When I am around, most of you are not. I took a chance, made my last two and sent them out. My last Sun. night (7 pm) treasury made to #4 on pg. 1!!! Not bad at all! Just think, maybe you are unable to make a treasury but maybe YOU could take someone else’s treasury for a round to those treasury teams. One round, 10 to 15 min…. Could you?

Please correct me if I am wrong, 10 to 15 min. once a week, that is all that required. Not too bad. If you do not have that 10 to 15 min. time, join those teams just in case you find time someday. In the meantime, pick other activity to meet 2 a week.

I am sad that some of the great shops decided to leave. Please take a minute, take another look… Rather than seeing the reasons to leave, you may be able to see the reasons to stay. 

I hope I make sense and whatever decision you make, good luck to you and keep in touch!