Saturday, January 22, 2011

Meet the dogs.

Here they are: Daisy, a 15-year old Jack Russell Mix and Sasha, a 5-year old Pekingese.

Daisy was found in the box when she was a tiny, 1 pound puppy. A man who found her lived in the apartment so he could not keep her. We took her in. Boy was she a bundle of energy! She is very much a people’s dog, very clingy and does not like to be alone (who does?). If I knew that, I’d name her Velcro. Daisy likes to sleep under covers. In the middle of the night she jumps into bed and pounds me until I pull my blanket up so she can crawl under.  
One day, in the summer of 2002 Daisy suddenly stopped walking.  She was diagnosed with Lyme disease. It took us long 10 months to get her off meds and somewhat back to somewhat normal. She is doing well but has a lot of old age signs as bad vision, bad hearing, gray hair, arthritis, you name it, she has it…

Have you ever played "Blankie Monster"? No? Daisy loves to play "Blankie Monster" game. She wants to be covered with a blanket and she wants me to shake her. She pretends that she is attacking the blanket and trying to get away, she growls and caries on, such a vicious dog!

Sasha was surrendered to a local animal rescue in 2008. She ended up being our foster dog and then our dog. She is full of energy, loves long walks, friendly but … does not like any noise made by anything and anybody. She makes sure that cats are quiet, they are not allowed to run, jump, play, etc. when Sasha is left in charge. 

Sasha is the only one of our pets who is working. She visits a local assisted living facility to play with its residents. She is so good with those people; she is so well-mannered and well-behaved that I cannot believe my eyes. If I did not witness, I would not believe that. Residents there ask me if she ever barks. If they only knew!

Also, Sasha is my alarm clock. I do not use an alarm clock anymore. It is her job to wake me up in the morning.

Sasha likes to model. Here she wears one of my heart necklaces:

Another thing Sasha loves is yogurt. After returning from her evening walk, she eats a large spoon of plain yogurt and crawls in her crate for the night.

Both girls hope you had a fun time reading about them.


  1. I love your dogs! I had to laugh out loud about how "I’d name her Velcro". I have one like that too, any time I sit she wants to be in my lap.

    Thanks for sharing your little family with us!

  2. They are both so adorable, just makes you smile to see their little faces.

  3. How cute! I have a dog from a shelter too and she is my pride and joy.